ara Tecnologia

Technological innovation at History’s service

With the arrival of 2015, Ara Tecnologia presents the latest breakthrough technology from Microsoft regarding implementation of depth sensors and perception of people in real time: Microsoft Kinect v2. Implemented on the 1st floor of the Gaudí Centre Reus, this little technological marvel, eliminates the background of a scene and replaces it with the desired image or landscape, keeping the the people intact. Using this revolutionary system,coming from the entertainment consoles from Microsoft, anyone who visits the museum can be transported to various modernist Reus spaces, closed to the public, such as the Casa Navas or the different rooms of the Institut Pere Mata . With new technology, you won’t miss any Gaudí’s secret.

Interactive space, interactive software

The device, appropriately mounted within the body of an old camera, remains focused on a virtual set, always available for visitors, and a touchscreen interacts with it. After the photo i taken, the user is allowed to send via e-mail the final image, generated using exclusive software developed by Ara Tecnologia, which comes together with the device, and is responsible for guiding the user, and occasionally including corrections and processes that can soften and even apply effects to the product, such as greyscale, aging effects, color management, etc. All in real time (30fps). With this set-up and a proper lighting management, you can produce images amazingly credible without having to install flashy and expensive chromas.