ara Tecnologia

Tecnology to get in touch with people

Ara Tecnologia offers consulting services, advice, direction and execution of projects. Being a company focused only on design and project management allows us to be independent and to support our clients in order to achieve the highest quality technical projects, in an optimal time frame and with reasonable costs.

The company consists of a team of telecommunications engineers from different specialties (image and sound, electronics, telecommunications), with more than ten years of experience in each of their specific fields. More than seven years of teamwork implementing telecommunications projects support our work.

We differentiate ourselves by being a technology services company agile in its processes and develogping reliable technology.

Museum multimedia Guides

The new Ara Tecnologia's multimedia guides replace the old audio guides. More modern, mobile and technologically advanced. Ask for more information and we will show you successful projects.
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Why Ara Tecnologia

  • We are experts

    We are experts in multimedia guides projects for museums and other facilities. A new form of communication using mobile technology to reach people better.
  • We are professionals

    We are people from technical background. Professionals from different specialties working with a common goal: deliver suitable technology to people.
  • We are multimedia

    Technology is adapted to various formats to reach people. Multimedia formats, video and audio are fundamental elements of the projects. Auditory and visual communication integrated into the new devices.
  • We are technological

    Technology is in our DNA. Our way of working and adapting to the reality around us. How people do today. And how businesses do with people.