ara Tecnologia


Our society is taking consciousness of the importance that the noise has as a disturbing element for the rest and for the level of quality of life.

The European Union (Directive 2002/49/CE), the Generalitat de Catalunya (Law of Protection Against Acoustic Pollution 16/2002) and other official organizations have written up directives, laws and ordinances to regulate and to unify some levels of noise suitable for each situation.

These laws establish some admissible levels of noise, depending on several factors such as the proximity to roads, industrial zones, zones of leisure, residential areas, etc.

The study of the origin of the noise, the ability to take correct measurements, the analysis of the results and the possibility to offer suitable solutions requires equipment and professionals really being specialized in the subjects of environmental acoustics, architectural acoustics, isolation, etc.

The Ara Tecnologia team has been educated and specialized in these fields to give answer to any problem or requirement about acoustic subjects:

  • Acoustic studies, technical reports, characterizations and analysis of the noise.
  • Control of noise levels, according to the different regulations.
  • Advice and/or elaboration of noise maps and municipal maps of acoustic capacity; truly realistic and practical.
  • Projects of soundproofing, for premises, as well as for air conditioning equipment, etc.
  • Activity licenses and legalizations.