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Ara Tecnologia is a company that is committed to R & D and develops several projects.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.

Ara Tecnologia has implemented two augmented reality modes for its multimedia guide:


A camera captures the multimedia guide screen.
Depending on the image displayed on the multimedia guide we see ourselves on a video screen with a 3D model on top of our device.
E.g.: in the multimedia guide we choose a solar system planet then we can see ourselves on a screen with the planet 3D model on top of our device.


When we look elements through the multimedia guide camera we see them with a 3D model added. E.g.: We can see the interior decoration of a sarcophagus exhibited closed through the multimedia guide.


In recent years the use of devices that incorporate GPS technology to determine their location has become very popular. These devices are very useful to establish the position and orientation outdoors but they are useless indoors.

Ara Tecnologia has developed a system based on Bluetooth to enjoy features similar to the GPS ones indoors.

This system enables us to:

  • Determine position. So we can show in the multimedia guide the place where the visitor is on a museum map.
  • Suggest content.
  • The positioning system via bluetooth enables us to warn the visitors that they are near an object on which the guide has information.
  • Statistics. The positioning system allows us to have an objective view of how and where do the museum visitors move.


Simultaneous translation

The current audio guides in many cases are also used as a simultaneous translation listening devices. ARA Tecnologia multimedia guide also incorporates this feature. Unlike what is common in the audio guides that use analog radio technology, ARA Tecnologia multimedia guide uses IP technology. This allows to use the museum’s own devices, and also that those attending events with simultaneous translation can use their own android or iphone devices.

Image detection

Ara Tecnologia has also implemented image detection systems. This solution was implemented for Empty at Tito Bustillo Rupestrian Art Centre in Ribadesella (Asturias). Each cabinet has a Kinect camera attached to a mini-PC that receives the image, processes it and connects to the Medialon control system that manages lighting.

Other technological services:


Nowadays presence of electronics and telecommunications is not strange for us any more in our homes. There is an every time more intense integration among the different devices of the room or of the house, endowing them with new possibilities.

The Digital Home provides comfort, security, energetic saving, entertainment and access to the information networks to people who live there, improving their sensitively quality of life.

This new concept of Digital Home gives the opportunity to the promoter to bring an added value to his constructions and to differ from the competence when selling the housings.

The cost of the realization of a domotic pre-installation in a new construction housing is minimum and avoids future limitations for the owner to enjoy the advantages of the domotics.

Ara Tecnologia advises and carries out projects of domotic facilities and pre-facilities. Both can be included within the framework of the common telecommunications infrastructures (CTI).