ara Tecnologia


Ara Tecnologia’s multimedia guide is the natural replacement of existing audio guides. Ideal for museums and cultural sports and / or tourist centers, our multimedia guides have become an essential element to provide a quality service to visitors .

The main features and characteristics of our guides are:

  • Content in several languages.
  • They allow customization of the museum to each user.
  • Playing audio and video content.
  • Displaying text for people with hearing problems.
  • Selection of content through numbers and proximity.
  • Sync with videos and events that are playing in the museum.
  • Automatic detection of the location of the device using bluetooth.
  • Available for iPhone / iPod Touch and Android.
  • Inclusion of Augmented Reality.
  • Receiving personalized messages on the device.
  • Using GPS for outdoor walks or visiting the city.
  • Simultaneous translation to different languages.
  • Collecting questions and suggestions from visitors.

Ara Tecnologia’s multimedia guide can offer the possibility to museums to either having the museum owned devices to be rented, as it is done with the current audio guides, or offering visitors the chance to download the application on their own devices.