ara Tecnologia

Ara Tecnologia has developed the multimedia guides for  VINSEUM Wine Cultures Museum of Catalonia.

VINSEUM is centrally located in the town of Vilafranca. The visitor discovers it with a brief stroll through the historic center, an environment with  medieval echoes composed of squares, palaces and churches, the imprint of the majestic Catalan Gothic in the town.

The headquarters of the museum can be found in Plaça Jaume I, nums. 1 and 5. The main building is the old medieval palace of the Crown of Aragon, built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and subsequently amended. It was purchased by the city of Vilafranca in 1936 to house the museum.

Project awarded in 2014 for best building project or refurbishment of museums and heritage resources for the Catalan Association of Museologists.

Project nominated for the European Museum of the year 2015 award.

Source: Wine Cultures Museum of Catalonia website

You can download the app Vinseum from Google Play and App Store.