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Ara Tecnologia has developed for El Born Centre Cultural Project the multimedia guide. The archeological site, Barcelona 1700, the memory of the events of 1714 and the market go hand in hand in El Born Centre Cultural, a historic spaceContinue Reading
Ara Tecnlogia has developed the multimedia guides for Gaudí Centre Reus. This cultural center is a tribute that  Gaudí’s hometown devoted to his  more universal son. The Gaudí Centre Reus is a space equipped with the most modernContinue Reading
Ara Tecnologia has developed the multimedia guides for  VINSEUM Wine Cultures Museum of Catalonia. VINSEUM is centrally located in the town of Vilafranca. The visitor discovers it with a brief stroll through the historic center, anContinue Reading
WifiCast is an application that lets you communicate in a way similar to the walkie-talkies using different devices connected to the same wifi network. To do this, it uses multicast data transmission mechanism designed to sendContinue Reading
KeepMyTrack is an app that records the position if it has changed over a time and a distance defined by the user. The application works with a widget in the case of Android and runs in the background on the iPhone case. KeepMyTrackContinue Reading
Geosport is an app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play that geolocates all soccer fields in Catalonia and relates them with the teams thay play on them. – Download it for free – Geolocate all soccer fields inContinue Reading